Exile Game Jam

Sun. Lying down on the grass. Bagpipes. Getting your head chopped off. Being shot. Singing songs on the piano. Sauna. Oculus Rift. Leap Motion. Non-euclidean boats. Particle fields. Dreaming goats. The president of the United States. Swings. Beer. Dreaming fish. Playing games.

All these random things have one thing in common: they all happened during Exile Game Jam Spring 2013.

When we announced it, we insisted on Exile being a very cozy game jam and we meant it. It was not only a great chance to escape from the daily stress and into the beautiful building of Vallekilde Højskole, but also an opportunity to take your chances at making something fun and unique, and Exile provided.

As per usual, Exile started with outdoor games and time to mingle and meet each other. This allows participants to get together and work on a small challenge before the actual game jam started on Thursday. Everyone wrote a short idea for a game in a small piece of paper and put it in a box, and then these were distributed randomly to everyone, given time to talk to other participants about it and then pitch it to the crowd to gather anyone interested in joining to work on it.

Over the following 48 hours people had time to both make some cool games and relax outdoors, play music or even go to the sauna. Mealtimes are always something to look forward to: the food at Vallekilde is amazing.

The result of all this? Lots of crazy, interesting and fun games that were later presented to everyone, with three winners chosen afterwards by a committee:

In first place it was “Highland“, a bagpipe simulator played using the Oculus Rift and a Playstation Move controller (thanks to Henrike Lode for the picture):


On second place was “The Quincy Incident“, a non-euclidean first person experience where players have to find their way through a boat in a psychological horror setting:

The Quincy Incident

And on third place was “Demonic Shotgun 2010: The House Warming“, a minimalistic top-down shooter that takes place on an architect’s blueprint:

Demonic Shotgun 2010: The House Warming

A special mention goes to an impressive media success: “Disunion” caught the attention of several media outlets shortly after the game jam ended, with mentions in several sites such as Kotaku, Gamespot, Penny Arcade and more. Also made for the Oculus Rift, the game offers a most unique experience: having your head cut off by a guillotine:

But it’s still worth mentioning that there were many more games worth checking out presented at the end of Exile. You can try out more of them by visiting Unicorn7.

Afterwards the jam concluded with a party and a final hangout the following morning.

We would like to thank all the participants for being there, making the experience as great as it was. Just seeing Twitter full of messages like this shows how much everyone enjoyed it:

We’re very much looking forward to the next Exile Game Jam in Autumn 2013! Don’t forget that you can stay updated on more Exile news by joining our Facebook group!

Some more photos:

DSC00935 DSC00938 DSC00944 DSC01008 Exile3 Exile6 Exile9 Exile11 Exile25 Exile26 Exile1 DSC00969