Everyone in the games industry has heard of Peter Molyneux. But his doppelganger Molydeux has been slowly gathering a lot of attention as well through his Twitter account @petermolydeux, a parody of the game designer who posts the craziest game ideas.

This later on became the basis for a game jam: What would Molydeux, better known as “Molyjam”. And this year the game jam returns on July 5-7, only this time you can join other game developers in Denmark’s first official Molyjam site and compete with other participants worldwide to create truly lifechanging game concepts.

If you are itching for more game jams you should definitely join Molyjam at Platform 4 in Aalborg. The venue will be offering several tools for participants to use such as 3D printers, Playstation Move controllers and more.

All you need to bring is your own computer and a fresh mind to make Molydeux’s game ideas come true. The organizers of Molyjam in Aalborg will take care of the rest so you can get Internet access, a place to sleep and more.

Want to join? Then check out the Facebook event here and sign up for free!