Game Studio Summer SchoolThe Norwegian School of IT in Oslo has an interesting proposition for students looking for something fun and productive to do over the Summer, and they are extending an invitation to the Danish games community.

Starting June 30th, they will be hosting the Game Studio Summer School, a 3-week Summer program focused on creating a small game studio and surviving as an independent game developer. This is an intensive course, taking place from June 30th to July 18th, where participants work every day towards the goal of creating a completed game with the focus of basing an indie game studio around it, learning how to survive as an indie game developer, and being able to successfully pitch it and make it marketable.

Students (or recent graduates) from any programme are encouraged to apply.  No specific technical expertise is required, but a passion for games and a great work ethic is essential! Those who have not created games before will be able to join teams where they can learn to work with middleware solutions, whereas those more experienced can take their ambitions further. The big focus is how to make your game marketable and monetizable.

If this piques your interest, you can contact NITH at before May 31st 2014 for further information. While the course is organized as a non-profit, there is a registration fee of €100 for the whole program. The number of admissions is limited, so reach out to them now and let us know with a comment below!