There’s a new games conference around, and this one is BIG! In fact, we dare say this is probably Denmark’s biggest games conference to date, with over 20 speakers, both from the AAA games industry and indies, and an expo with 25 games showcasing some of the most creative uses of alternative control methods, new gameplay mechanics and just simply fun games.

It’s called [Select/Start] PLAY and it takes place on October 3rd in Viborg, Denmark.

And we are sponsoring a bus from Copenhagen to Viborg and back for just 190 DKK!

While it’s the first year this conference is being held, there’s no denying that the organizers at The Animation Workshop have put together an impressive line-up. There’s well-known industry figures such as Dan Adelman, who until very recently worked for almost 9 years at Nintendo of America. There’s Martin Hollis, who created the insanely well-regarded GoldenEye and Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. Mike Dailly, who worked on Lemmings and GTA when he was at DMA Design before it became Rockstar North. Shawn Robertson, Lead Animator for Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite. Bjørn Jacobsen, Sound Designer for EVE: OnlineRyan Green, creator of the heart-breaking That Dragon, CancerEline Muijres, producer at GameOven which creates new physical game experiences like Bounden and Fingle. There’s Dajana Dimovska, Mata Haggis, Eva Gaspar, Ed Cooke…

The list goes on and on to cover everything in games from game design lectures to how to protect your IP. And that is before we even get to the w00t GameClubbing event at night at the Games Expo site next door.

Some of the featured speakers at [Select/Start] PLAY

Put simply, this is one incredibly packed event. And it’s not even expensive at all, with normal tickets running at 120 DKK and students getting in for free.

But we know a lot of people are worried about having to travel all the way to Viborg for the conference. Some don’t know how exactly to get there, and many don’t want to bother with finding a place to stay.

Which is why IGDA Denmark is sponsoring a bus from Copenhagen to Viborg specifically for this event!

We have partnered with the organizers of [Select/Start] PLAY to make sure that those in the Copenhagen area (or even those coming from Sweden!) can have it as easiest as possible to join the conference.

What we are offering is a round bus trip from Copenhagen to Viborg and back included with a full conference ticket for the most affordable price we could reach: 190 DKK.

The bus we are sponsoring will leave from Copenhagen at 5 am on October 3rd and will arrive to Viborg in time for the conference to start.
Then you will be able to stay for the expo and the party before the bus picks everyone up again at midnight to return to Copenhagen (arriving at 3:30 am). We imagine most of you will take a nap in the bus.

There’s only 40 seats available for this bus though! So we suggest you go and get them before they run out!
You can get the tickets at!