New year, new edition of Nordic Game Jam. And it’s time to make a call to all of you who want to be part of organizing the event for 2015!

This time we are having an online sign-up form where those interested can apply for specific core roles in the organization, and then the board of IGDA Denmark, our parent organization, will make the selection according to the responses.

This is not a call for volunteers to help during the event! That is something that will come later down the year. Instead, this is for filling in the main roles that will be working from now on and until a bit after the event is finished to make sure that everything goes as perfect as possible. And that includes managing sponsors, organizing ticket sales, doing PR, setting up the talks and workshops… It’s a small team of 5 to 7 people and we need your commitment to ensure that next year’s Nordic Game Jam is even better than the last!

2014 was a huge success (500 participants!!!) and we want to see the same level of excitement and passion that the organizers put last time.

So if you are up to the challenge, please let us know by filling in this online form!

On October 10 we will be announcing the final group, which will be briefed on the outline of the event (budget, size of the venue, etc.)