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IGDA Denmark is a non-profit organization dedicated to support the Danish game development scene as a chapter of the International Game Developers Association.

Our purpose can be described in five points, as stated in our bylaws:

1. To require networking and exchange of know-how among Danish games developers
2. To demand growth in the Danish games industry
3. Nurturing Danish games development’s interest
4. Representing the Danish games developers in public
5. To be the agents representing and promoting the Danish games industry’s interests globally

For that purpose we organize and carry out a wide variety of activities not only with the members of IGDA Denmark, but with the entire Danish games community as a whole, even extending our reach to other communities around us when needed.

These are some of the activities we do:

Nordic Game Jam
The Nordic Game Jam is an annual event where game developers from all over the world gather for a weekend and make new and exciting games, all in the context of trying out new ideas and meeting new people in one of Denmark’s best networking opportunities in the industry. Nordic Game Jam started in 2006 and has grown to over 500 participants each year and hundreds of games, becoming the biggest game jam in the world. You can read more about the Nordic Game Jam here: www.nordicgamejam.org

Global Game Jam
The Global Game Jam is a network of game jams that started up with the Nordic Game Jam as its flagship model. Susan Gold from IGDA Global was inspired by the Nordic Game Jam, and co-founded the Global Game Jam with Gorm Lai and Ian Schreiber. IGDA DK helped to create the infrastructure for the network and was a key driving force in defining the framework and objectives of the Global Game Jam Network. It initially advised the organizers of the local game jams, delivered an organizational manual laying out a blueprint for such an event, and made itself available for questions and support running up to the first Global Game Jam. IGDA Denmark continues to support the Global Game Jam as an ongoing concern, sending organizers from Nordic Game Jam to other jam sites worldwide to help with the preparation. You can read more about the Global Game Jam here: www.globalgamejam.org

Exile Game Jam
If Nordic Game Jam is the biggest game jam in the world, then Exile is the coziest game jam in the world. Taking place at the beautiful location of Vallekilde Højskole, just a bit over an hour away from Copenhagen, this smaller event ensures that everyone gets to know each other in a more relaxed environment over an extended period of 4 days (Wednesday evening until Sunday morning). The event happens twice a year, with both a Fall and Spring edition. You can read more about Exile Game Jam here: www.exile.dk

Unity Nights
With the big number of game jams and other game development events we organize, we think it’s a great idea to help game developers learn how to work better with one of the leading industry tools, Unity 3D engine. As such we organize every year a series of talks and workshops in collaboration with both Unity and Aalborg University Copenhagen designed to both teach newcomers how to work with Unity in the earlier sessions, and some cool new tricks and workflow advice for those looking for more advanced sessions.

Special Interest Groups (SIG)
SIG meeting are the network for developers with an interest in a specific game development field. In a special interest group, participants can share knowledge, network and discuss developments in their field.  We also invite speakers from outside to give talks at the meetings. The IGDA-network in Denmark includes Audio Design, Game Design, Women In Games, Pervasive Games & Business. The SIG meetings are usually followed by a bar meeting, where members and other game developers meet – often over a beer – to network, discuss trends in the gaming industry, share tips and ideas. IGDA.DK is currently spearheading this initiative of SIGs at the local level within the wider IGDA, and has recieved much praise from both the IGDA international board, and local chapters.

Demo Nights
Demo Night is a regular recurring event in the autumn, when game developers have the opportunity to present their ongoing game productions for an audience. Participants are professional gaming companies, demo groups, students & individuals. Productions range from very small flash games to large AAA game demos & works.

Other initiatives: IGDA.DK is very active within the International Game Developer’s Association, where we are working to develop the international focus of the organizational structure.

In connection with the establishment of the Global Game Jam 2009, members of IGDA Denmark has made presentations at key conferences around the world. We presented the Global Game Jam at the Game Developer’s Conference in March 2009 in San Francisco, presented the games from the Global Game Jam at Nordic Game Conference in May 2009 in Malmö and at Develop in Brighton, UK in July 2009.

Members of IGDA Denmark have a large network within the International Game Developer’s Association and the games industry in general. We use this network to promote the Danish games industry, and Danish companies internationally. We are always open to requests from the Danish game developers who need to be put in contact with a person with specialized knowledge.

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