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Nordic Game Jam to be part of the new Copenhagen Games Festival


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Normally by this point down the year, we would be super thrilled about how quickly we are selling out of Nordic Game Jam tickets. But 2016 is different from the rest.

If you’ve been following the announcements so far, Nordic Game Jam has changed its plans for it’s 10th anniversary, moving away from the cold winter of Copenhagen in February and right into the much warmer month of April. And while the nicer weather is surely a better way to celebrate the anniversary, there is a much bigger reason why we are moving the event to a different date than usual.

That reason is the newly formed Copenhagen Games Festival, the result of a collaboration between IGDA Denmark, Interactive Denmark and Producent Foreningen.

So what is this Copenhagen Games Festival? It’s a celebration of everything games, setting the spotlight on Danish Games. It gathers Nordic Game Jam 2016, the Spilprisen (Danish game awards), a games business conference, a games expo and much more, finishing big with a huge awards ceremony at the end of Nordic Game Jam 2016. We are planning really big for that one, so we hope you can plan ahead and stay in Copenhagen to enjoy it all!

Five days in April 2016 Copenhagen will turn into a hot spot for game designers, programmers, graphic artists, business experts, gamers and game interested locals and tourists. More than 1000 people will fill Copenhagen and other cities in Denmark, with games, creativity, technology and innovation.

With 190 Danish Game companies, 735 full time designers, programmers and innovative talents and a turnover increase of 196 % in the last six years, this is reason enough to put the Danish Game Industry on the national and international map, both geographically, politically and in business terms. Copenhagen Games Festival is set up to do just that.

We are also looking for partners and sponsors to help make it all happen, so you can also be a part of this too! You can contact us via our Contact Page and we will put you through with the organization team for the festival.

Don’t forget to book the week of April 6-10 2016 for what is surely going to be the biggest games event in Denmark!

Nordic PocketGamer Connects



Get an IGDA discount of 40% !

Do you also think the danish summer is too hot? Want to take a weekend away from the heat and go for a nice, cooler weather? Then join Pocket Gamer’s conference PGConnects conference in Helsinki from the 7th to the 8th of September 2015.

It’s organised by the team behind Pocket Gamer, PG.Biz, AppSpy (the ones who bought drinks at the last bar meetup). If you are making a mobile game (or maybe a VR game for the new mobile platforms) then this is the place to be!

The event brings together the whole spectrum of the mobile games ecosystem, but is especially focused on the indie developers with a whole host of benefits including:

The Big Indie Pitch – chance to pitch your game face-to-face with media, publishers and experienced devs to get instant feedback, press attention and maybe win prizes!
Developer Showcase expo space - show off your games and discover the next big thing
Celebrate the best of the Nordics – Meet the Finnovators and other leading companies from the region.
Indie Inspiration track - Learn from expert indies such as Rami Ismail, Creative Mobile and the developer of Her Story who’ve made the grade. Discuss how to create and deliver new ideas and to keep your studio afloat
Network like crazy! Our free pitch and match meeting system allows you to organise meets and make the most of your time at the show!
Meet the press! We’ll have at least 20 press outlets represented at the show inc PG, AppSpy, Guardian, Develop plus the local press and a couple of You Tuber
Learn about China market + Meet publishers and investors - We have a number of leading publishers from China attending the event as well as the East meets West track dedicated to explaining new markets and opportunities.

Connect and have fun! After hours networking drinks and parties to let your hair down and have fun (You might end up in sauna… )
Plus there’s a whole host of other stuff as well to check out over the 2 days including a main expo, 5 other conference tracks (looking at everything from publishing in Asia to acquiring and monetising users plus looking ahead to emerging tech like mobile VR and wearables).

Check out for more info!

IGDA is sponsoring w00t- Copenhagen play Festival and we have 4 free full festival tickets for you!


IGDA has the pleasure to sponsor w00t, Denmark’s first and biggest festival for play and games in the public space.



It’s full of sugar and spice and everything nice, including board games and talks about play and games but also the so called Playful Constructions- human sized installations and work of art, with plays and games incorporated.

It works like this: be one of the first 4 people to comment on our Facebook post with a CAT PHOTO and we’re giving you a free full festival ticket.

Among the perks of joining the festival is also the party on Saturday, with a Concert Game that combines the 8-bit sounds of old game boy with physical play and 5 other games spread throughout the venue.

The event takes place May 29-31st of May at Frederiksberg Søpark.

You can read more about the festival at the official w00t – Copenhagen Play Festival website


Get a scholarship to attend Shayla Games and the VR Game Jam with IGDA Denmark



Have you heard of Shayla Games? It’s Denmark’s newest game development event, which enjoyed a huge success after its first run last year in May 2014.

This year, it’s only getting bigger, and with a strong focus on VR to boot!

With a program full of speakers from Oculus VR, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Simplygon and more, a Virtual Reality game jam, boat races (yes, you read right) and more, the second edition of Shayla Games is shaping up to be quite an amazing experience.

So IGDA Denmark has teamed up with Shayla Games to provide a scholarship to enter the game jam! 

As an IGDA Denmark scholarship, we prioritize people who have helped out at previous events such as Nordic Game Jam and Unity Nights, but we still urge you to apply for this scholarship via this online form.

The event will take place May 22-24th 2015, over the weekend, at Aalborg University Copenhagen. That’s the same place as the last few Nordic Game Jam events.

Sign up now and we’ll reach out to you later during the week!

You can read more about the event at the official Shayla Games website at

General Assembly for IGDA Denmark (Foreningen af Spiludviklere i Danmark)


UPDATE: The date for the General Assembly has been moved to May 5th at 19.00. The reason for the delay is because that will allow us to close the previous fiscal year at the end of April.

It is my pleasure, after a successful Nordic Game Jam, to call for our annual general assembly.

It will be held Tuesday the 5th of May 2015, from 19:00 at:

Knapnok Games

Pilestræde 43, 3. floor

1112 København K.

Our bylaws state the following agenda:

  1. Choice of moderator.
  2. Choice minutes taker
  3. Report of the Chairman
  4. Treasurer’s report and its approval
  5. Set membership fee
  6. Election of auditor and deputy auditor
  7. Election of Board
  8. Proposals
  9. Possibly

Proposals need to be sent in written and actionable form to the board (, no later that 2 weeks before the assembly.

Kind regards

Jesper Taxbøl


Want to be a core organizer for #NGJ15?



New year, new edition of Nordic Game Jam. And it’s time to make a call to all of you who want to be part of organizing the event for 2015!

This time we are having an online sign-up form where those interested can apply for specific core roles in the organization, and then the board of IGDA Denmark, our parent organization, will make the selection according to the responses.

This is not a call for volunteers to help during the event! That is something that will come later down the year. Instead, this is for filling in the main roles that will be working from now on and until a bit after the event is finished to make sure that everything goes as perfect as possible. And that includes managing sponsors, organizing ticket sales, doing PR, setting up the talks and workshops… It’s a small team of 5 to 7 people and we need your commitment to ensure that next year’s Nordic Game Jam is even better than the last!

2014 was a huge success (500 participants!!!) and we want to see the same level of excitement and passion that the organizers put last time.

So if you are up to the challenge, please let us know by filling in this online form!

On October 10 we will be announcing the final group, which will be briefed on the outline of the event (budget, size of the venue, etc.)

Bonfires, jamming, baking and more happened at Exile Spring 2014


Exileposter_1002 Exile Game Jam Spring 2014 was yet another success last week at Vallekilde Højskole. With over 60 participants from parts of all over the world, the coziest game jam in the world provided fun times and a great jamming experience to all the participants.

The extended game jam took place from April 30th until May 4th 2014, days in which we were lucky to have such an amazing weather that allowed us to have meals outside, have bonfires at night over some beers and relax over the lawn on Sunday morning after brunch.

As usual, Exile is a more relaxed type of experience when compared to other events such as Nordic Game Jam or Global Game Jam. It always starts with games prepared to get to know each other and mini-challenges and workshops over the first day before the proper game jam begins.

The theme: Make something that has never been done before, and do something that YOU have never done before (so if you are a programmer, try making art, if you are a sound designer, give coding a go and so on). So with that in mind, all the participants, including the Game Academy students at Vallekilde Højskole, set out to make teams, many of them with new people they have never worked with before, and try their hands on something unique.

So what were the standouts of the game jam?

First of all, we have the audience vote award, which happened to be shared between two different games! First, we have Nicklas Nygren’s Super Air Flyers, and with the exact same amount of votes, Martin Fasterholdt’s Javelin.

In Super Air Flyers, you control a plane with no thrust whatsoever in a psychedelic 3D landscape with a series of rings you have to maneuver your plane through before you make it to the portal in the end.


And in Javelin, you fight a series of enemies through several levels where enemies will attack you with javelins. However, if you dodge them, you’ll be able to pick them up (even from a dead body) and prepare your counter-attack.


But we like to have more than just a winner at Exile. Which is why we had a jury that selected even more games for different categories.

Most emotional game: Old Man Wants to Exile, where you explore the sad, boring house of an old man who will very slowly try to sneak around his annoying children trying to keep him indoors so that he can make it to the Exile Game Jam.


Best to watch: Baking Simulator, a fun combination of the Oculus Rift and Kinect technologies where the player will have to bake a virtual cake with the help of an assistant providing the hands. Though the poor Matthias fell off the stage while presenting with the Oculus Rift on him. The dangers of virtual reality games!


Best meta-game: King of Colors, a funny tribute to the Danish artist Per Arnoldi, uses his three favorite colors, red, blue and yellow and his three favorite shapes, square, circle and cone, in a card guessing game to become the King of Colors.
KingOfColors2 KingOfColors

Better than I thought: Hidden in plain text, an ASCII two-player competitive game where one player will have to hide himself in a mess of ASCII characters spread all over the screen, with barely a hint of where the player is moving (based on the speed of his movement) and in the next turn the other player will have to locate his position and make it as close as possible.


Most commercial game: WeStory, a smartphone experience where several participants can build together a story out of pictures, text and audio as they create a new part of the story to pass along to the next player. As players pass the story to the next person, a full story starts taking place, though usually in a very chaotic and crazy way.

Least/Most Feministic game: Cunt Touch This, inspired by the cunt colouring book by Tee A. Corinne, the game is a meditative drawing activity accompanied by sounds the user creates while painting. But the player has to be careful when painting on the sensitive areas, since too much paint there will cause the image to pulsate in slow motion. The award was given to the game best suited to contribute to the discussion of feminism and games.


Most Newtonian Gravitation Game: Newtonian Gravitation, which as the name implies, has the player using gravity to his advantage to jump from planet to planet to make it to the goal. The planets are small in size, with the player being able to walk around the entire planet to gain speed and then jump to escape the pull of the planet’s gravity and as such make it to the next planet.

Newtonian gravitation

Tech award: Super Air Flyers, Nicklas Nygren’s game got yet another award for his polished technology behind the game.

Knowledge +1001 award: Boredom Simulator, this award goes to the best game made by Vallekilde students, and in this case it went to a game where you travel in a tourist bus alongside your annoying girlfriend, all of it experienced in marvellous 3D through the Oculus Rift to make the boredom immersion as close to reality as possible.


As you can see, the selection of winning games is varied quite varied, full of exciting stuff, curiosities and technical achievements.

And this time IGDA Denmark sponsored the final party after the game jam on Saturday night, which we’re sure everyone enjoyed! As usual, the final party includes a music jam at night, a visit to the nearby graveyard and, of course, the sauna.

Group photo Spring 2014


We’ve taken quite a few pictures during the event, but here’s a collection of some that will give you an idea of the overall mood of the event.

We look forward to having Exile again next semester for Fall 2014!

USU Jam #6 takes place May 9th


USU-Jam-6-plakatOur friends at Unge Spiludviklere (Young Game Developers) are back at it with the 6th edition of their USU Jam (previously known as Mini-Jam) and they are ready to have anyone interested joining from May 9th to the 11th.

Open to everybody and accepting everything from computer games to phone games, board games or just any kind of game, even those who just want to hang out and work on their own development projects (games or not) are more than welcome to be part of it at Aalborg University Copenhagen at A.C. Meyers Vænge 15 (the same venue as last Nordic Game Jam).

All you need to do is sign up at:

This time the jam will cost 100 DKK for participation, while there is an optional extra 100 DKK to include food for the whole weekend.

Will you be joining? Let us know in the comments!

Spend your summer in Oslo learning how to run an indie studio


Game Studio Summer SchoolThe Norwegian School of IT in Oslo has an interesting proposition for students looking for something fun and productive to do over the Summer, and they are extending an invitation to the Danish games community.

Starting June 30th, they will be hosting the Game Studio Summer School, a 3-week Summer program focused on creating a small game studio and surviving as an independent game developer. This is an intensive course, taking place from June 30th to July 18th, where participants work every day towards the goal of creating a completed game with the focus of basing an indie game studio around it, learning how to survive as an indie game developer, and being able to successfully pitch it and make it marketable.

Students (or recent graduates) from any programme are encouraged to apply.  No specific technical expertise is required, but a passion for games and a great work ethic is essential! Those who have not created games before will be able to join teams where they can learn to work with middleware solutions, whereas those more experienced can take their ambitions further. The big focus is how to make your game marketable and monetizable.

If this piques your interest, you can contact NITH at before May 31st 2014 for further information. While the course is organized as a non-profit, there is a registration fee of €100 for the whole program. The number of admissions is limited, so reach out to them now and let us know with a comment below!

Change the world with a game jam



We love game jams. And we love when friends organize game jams. But we like it even more when game jams have a cause they fight for.

Enter the Game Changer Game Jam.

This event, which will take place in Aarhus in May 2-4 2014, follows the principle that games dealing with political, social and environmental challenges can be an platform for massive change.

The organizers quote Jane McGonigal on the main page of their event:

Today 1 billion people spend more than 7 billion hours weekly, joyfully, solving epic quests. What if we could, through games, utilize this enormous resource into solving real world challenges? – Jane McGonigal

Our friends organizing in Aarhus believe that Game Designers, Gamers and Games together hold an important role in society. As such, games dealing with political, social and environmental challenges can be a platform for massive change, inspiring Gamers to connect and engage with important issues more effectively.

Want to learn more about it? Then there’s three key places where you can do so!

First of all, you should check their cool website:
Second, you can get your ticket at their Billetto page:
And finally, you can join the event on Facebook:

Interested? Let us know in the comments!

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