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Expanding GGJ

Did you know that Nordic Game Jam was the basis upon which the Global Game Jam was established? Since the first GGJ in 2008, over 60 different countries have been hosting the event and that number keeps increasing as more aspiring game developers and entire communities join to participate.

Last year our local event moved things a week ahead of the rest of the world. One of the reasons for this was that it would allow us to travel abroad to other global game jam sites. We had some of the organizers travelling to venues in the UK and Finland. But one group of organizers also traveled to Macedonia to establish their first Global Game Jam event and made it a success!

After last year’s great experience we want to repeat again and bring the game jam culture to other countries where willing developers are looking forward to put their skills to the test of making a game in 48 hours and join the fun.

Which is why we are looking to form a group of volunteers to help bring GGJ to new grounds.

If you’ve been a volunteer at Nordic Game Jam before you know the drill: we set up different teams to take care of the organization tasks that have to do with the venue, group forming, theme, etc. Of course with this being a new place we’re bringing GGJ to, this is going to be at a much smaller scale than the 500-participants behemoth that NGJ is.

Nevertheless, we need your help! Last year’s organizers in Skopje, Macedonia, had a blast and got to visit a beautiful country at the same time they made history with their first game jam. So what do you say? Do you want to join? Then head over to this short survey stating your name and email. We’re looking forward to hear from you!

GGJ Skopje 2013

Some of the participants in the first ever Global Game Jam Skopje 2013

Nordic Game Jam Update!

The organizers of Nordic Game Jam are  happy to announce that the participants can compete doing Board Games! The foundation of computer games!
Now is your chance to create your own game during the NGJ 2011! Come and feel the power and freedom of game design and execution in its purest form. The board game track is open to everyone with a passion or just a curiosity in creating an analogue game. No computer skills required!

Additionally director Suvi Andrea Helminen is doing a research for a documentary regarding Nordic Game Jam 2011. She would like to get in touch with all of you who are going to participate in the game jam in order to get some insight into the event – newbees as well as veterans!

We hope that you are willing to have a meeting with her and share your previous experiences or hopes for the future game jams. The meetings will take place at the IT University in Game Lab 3B, 3rd floor, Games Department on the following dates:

  • 8 December 2010 from 16:00 to 19:00
  • 9 December 2010 from 16:00 to 19:00
  • 13 December 2010 from 10:00 to 16:00

Feel free to contact Suvi at or 22 38 28 58 and say if you would like to come by and at what time.

For the sign up, sponsorship and news updates on the event – please check out the web site

Looking forward to seeing you all for a smashing game jam!

Best regards,
The Nordic Game Jam Team

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