General Assembly for IGDA Denmark (Foreningen af Spiludviklere i Danmark)



IGDA Denmark (also known as Foreningen af Spiludviklere i Danmark) is once again making a call for its yearly General Assembly, and we would like to invite you all to attend, participate and help shape the future of the organization.

The General Assembly will be held on August 8th 2016, starting at 18:00.

The meeting will take place at KnapNok Games office in Pilestræde 43, 3rd floor in Copenhagen.

We are always looking to hear new ideas, projects and other plans you may have for the association. Any proposals to discuss should be sent in written and actionable form to the board at info@igda.dk no later than 2 weeks before the assembly.

Our agenda will be as follows:

  1. Choice of moderator.
  2. Choice of minutes taker
  3. Yearly report of the Chairman
  4. Treasurer’s report and its approval
  5. Set membership fee
  6. Election of auditor and deputy auditor
  7. Election of Board
  8. Proposals

We look forward to seeing you there!

Apply for a GDC Scholarship with IGDA before December 15th



Are you planning to attend GDC this year in San Francisco? As you may know, GDC is the biggest and most important game developers conference, and it’s a great opportunity to learn new techniques, hear about amazing projects and get to know game developers from all over the world.

But, if you’re a student, the price for the tickets can be quite expensive, making it difficult for many to even have a chance to attend.
However, if you are currently still studying, or you graduated 6 months before the event takes place in March, you are eligible to apply for an IGDA Scholarship to attend GDC!

It’s not too late to apply! The deadline is December 15th and all you have to do is go to this website and fill in the form. We strongly encourage you to give it a go!

All IGDA members coming from Denmark will also get a travel stipend reimbursement.

Please note that you must be an IGDA member through our parent organization in order to apply. For students, the fee is $30 USD (205 DKK approximately). Even if you are already a member of IGDA Denmark, scholarships require you to have an international membership. If you apply, please let us know by sending us an email to memberships@igda.dk so we can keep track of it!

Will you apply for the scholarship? We hope to see more members from Denmark next year!

New board, renewed energy and ambitions



Last May 5th, IGDA Denmark held its annual General Assembly to vote for a new board and discuss future plans for the association.

After a second meeting to begin planning the roles of each new board member and which areas we should focus our energies in, today we are happy to announce our new board for the 2015-2016 period!

Chairman: Anchel Labena
Vice-Chairman: Tim Garbos
Treasurer: Guo Yu Pan
Executive board members:
Rune Drewsen
Mikkel Rasch Nielsen

Jesper Taxbøl
Emil Johansen
Monica Sircu
Michał Królikowski

We will be making a series of new announcements shortly, including ways all of you can reach out to us with proposals, as well as communication channels through which you can also be an active member of the IGDA Denmark association. We have plenty of ideas and new initiatives to help boost the Danish games industry that we will want you to be a part of. In the meantime, you can reach each one of the board members using the email addresses in our Meet the Team page.

Stay tuned for updates!

Want to help bring Global Game Jam to new countries?


Expanding GGJ

Did you know that Nordic Game Jam was the basis upon which the Global Game Jam was established? Since the first GGJ in 2008, over 60 different countries have been hosting the event and that number keeps increasing as more aspiring game developers and entire communities join to participate.

Last year our local event moved things a week ahead of the rest of the world. One of the reasons for this was that it would allow us to travel abroad to other global game jam sites. We had some of the organizers travelling to venues in the UK and Finland. But one group of organizers also traveled to Macedonia to establish their first Global Game Jam event and made it a success!

After last year’s great experience we want to repeat again and bring the game jam culture to other countries where willing developers are looking forward to put their skills to the test of making a game in 48 hours and join the fun.

Which is why we are looking to form a group of volunteers to help bring GGJ to new grounds.

If you’ve been a volunteer at Nordic Game Jam before you know the drill: we set up different teams to take care of the organization tasks that have to do with the venue, group forming, theme, etc. Of course with this being a new place we’re bringing GGJ to, this is going to be at a much smaller scale than the 500-participants behemoth that NGJ is.

Nevertheless, we need your help! Last year’s organizers in Skopje, Macedonia, had a blast and got to visit a beautiful country at the same time they made history with their first game jam. So what do you say? Do you want to join? Then head over to this short survey stating your name and email. We’re looking forward to hear from you!

GGJ Skopje 2013

Some of the participants in the first ever Global Game Jam Skopje 2013

Kvasir Games wins the 10K prize for their NGJ game


From left to right, Anders Lystad Brevik, Kristín Guðmundsdóttir, Ioana Marin and Simon Cutajar of Kvasir Games. Not pictured,  Tróndur JustinussenFrom left to right, Anders Lystad Brevik, Kristín Guðmundsdóttir, Ioana Marin and Simon Cutajar of Kvasir Games.
Not pictured, 
Tróndur Justinussen

Back in January during Nordic Game Jam 2013 (and again in a blog post on the NGJ website) we announced a contest to win 10.000 DKK for those who managed to publish and sell their jam games.

Today we were pleased to announce at the w00t Copenhagen Play Festival the winners of the contest.

Out of all the entries we got, Kvasir Games with their board game Wanted: Igor, got the prize after managing to produce and sell copies of the game. Wanted: Igor received the award for “Best Sellable Game” during that year’s Nordic Game Jam. In it, up to 5 players have to build a Frankenstein-inspired monster by collecting cards.

The group got their first hands-on making board games together during Nordic Game Jam in 2012, where they created Mussades, an Arabian-themed race-to-the-finish game which won them the Best Board Game Award and the Jury’s Choice Award from David McCarthy of GREE.

The recently-established company is looking to further push distribution of both their games in stores. “We want to put Mussades on Kickstarter and we aim to have both games on shelves in stores as soon as possible“, said Simon Cutajar, co-founder of the company.

From IGDA Denmark and Nordic Game Jam we want to give the entire group a big congratulations and we hope they will continue producing board games in the future.

You can also follow Kvasir Games on both their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Say hello to our new board!


IGDA Denmark Board 2013

Yesterday May 15th 2013 we held our annual General Assembly for IGDA Denmark at the IT University of Copenhagen.

We are really glad with the attendance we got for the event and that there is an active community of people interested in joining our cause to help the Danish games industry. We also got a fair amount of new paid members.

During the General Assembly all members approved the finances report, discussed the benefits of being part of IGDA Denmark and voted for a new board for this new 2013-2014 term.

The results are as follows:

Jesper Taxbøl – Chairman
Tim Garbos – Vice Chairman
Guo Yu Pan – Treasurer
Anchel Labena – Executive Board Member
Henrike Lode – Executive Board Member
Dajana Dimovska – Supplant
Julian Hansen – Supplant
Kristín Guðmundsdóttir – Supplant
Anders Lystad Brevik – Supplant

To sum up, Jesper Taxbøl, Tim Garbos, Guo Yu Pan, Anchel Labena and Dajana Dimovska have been re-elected in the same positions, while Henrike Lode, Julian Hansen, Kristín Guðmundsdóttir and Anders Lystad Brevik join as new board members.

We would like to give a warm welcome to everyone new to the board and we would like to remind you that we are all available to listen to your needs! You can always reach us at info@igda.dk!

IGDA DK General Assembly at ITU


IT University Copenhagen

IGDA Denmark is calling everyone up for the General Assembly for 2013 taking place on Wednesday May 15th at 19:00.

The new location for the GA will be at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). The room has yet to be confirmed and will be updated later on. This will allow those present at ITU’s Playday to join the General Assembly right after.

If you want to take part in shaping the association and be part of the organization behind events such as the Nordic Game Jam we welcome you to join this meeting.

The meeting will see the discussion and approval of topics such as the election of a new board, membership fees and an open call for proposals for future events.

Prior registration is not required to attend, but you can also sign up for the General Assembly on our Facebook event.

We are hoping to see you there!

w00t Copenhagen Play Festival

w00t Copenhagen Play Festival

w00t Copenhagen Play Festival is a new outdoor space for playing and learning more about games, taking place from the 25th-26th of May 2013 at KU.BE in Flintholm.

The newly formed event, a cooperation between the Copenhagen Game Collective and Vallekilde Højskole wants players of all ages to participate and enjoy street Games, kids games, a gaming workshop, board games and game talks.

IGDA Denmark will be sponsoring the event and wants to invite Nordic Game Jam teams to apply for the NGJ showcase at the festival, where they will be able to present their games for 10 minutes to the audience.

We encourage everyone to send out their applications to submit@igda.dk with the name of your team and explaining which game you want to present.

You can learn more about w00t at their website and check their still-growing program as well as buy tickets.


General Assembly postponed

The board has been too busy during the past weeks and is therefore forced to postpone the general assembly.

The general assembly is therefore postponed to Wednesday the 15th of May at 18:00 at the Knapnok office.

KnapNok Games ApS

Pilestræde 43, 3th
1112 Copenhagen

We are sorry for the delay,

Jesper Taxbøl

Chairman IGDA.dk

Announcing IGDA Denmark General Assembly 4th of April

IGDA Denmark (Foreningen af Danske Spiludviklere) announces the general assembly of 2013 planned for Thursday the 4th of April at 18:00.

Agenda and more info will follow…

RSVP to the Facebook Event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/506051836103390/

KnapNok Games ApS
Pilestræde 43, 3th
1112 Copenhagen

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