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Unity Nights Level 3: Pimp up your game with style



You’ve made some simple games already, one in 3D and a few in 2D. But… they are probably not the prettiest. You might even think that they look a little bit dull.

So… how can you fix that?

Tim Garbos will be giving you some tips and tricks to make sure that your game turns into something way more appealing with just a few tweaks that will take you less than an hour to learn.

As an example, here is the result of Tim’s talk last year, which took the game from the boring game on the left, to the fun-looking game on the right (which you can also play here!):


Join us at Aalborg University Copenhagen, at the Guest Canteen (all the way to the end from the entrance, then turn right), on Wednesday, October 7th at 18:00 for another great Unity Night!

Oh, and if you have some cool project that you want to show to everyone else, simply let us know and we’ll give you some time to present!

Afterwards, as usual, there will be some mingling over beers at the local bar next to Enghave station.

SpilBar starts again and it’s all about the details



One of our favorite events in Copenhagen, SpilBar, is returning after a brief Summer break.

The bi-monthly event features game talks for everyone in the games industry, a game showcase and some free drinks while people mingle.

And the next one is happening this Wednesday, September 30th at 16.30 until 20.00, at the usual spot in Cinemateket, Bio Asta (Basement) in Gothersgade 55, Copenhagen.

For SpilBar 26, the event will feature a series of microtalks where we forget all about the overview and dive deep into the detail.

The speakers are:

Martin Fasterholdt, works at Playdead by day and tries to finish his thesis at night. The topic of his thesis is jumping in 2d platform games. Based on this he will present some of the subtle difference between the jumping in Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Meat Boy. ”

Andreas Normand Grøntved, lead animator at Playdead, will share his thoughts and ambitions about his highly optimized 6-bone humanoid rig. A rig created specifically to make in-game crowds less costly in terms of performance.

Tim Garbos, currently works at Triband, but has spent the past year polishing a small ios puzzle game called Progress. He will talk about the journey from prototype to final product focusing on the small details and interesting lessons learned from playtesting.

Each talk will explore a single aspect, looking closely at what makes it essential to the player’s experience.
How much can four pixels of animation help your puzzle design? What is the difference between the way Mario and Meat Boy jump?

About SpilBar
SpilBar is a bimonthly event, where everyone in or close to the computer games industry can meet and mingle. The meetings always start with a talk and end with a drink.
SpilBar is initiated by Kristine Ploug from DADIU, and Thomas Vigild, Headmaster at Vallekilde Game Academy. SpilBar is organized in collaboration with Spilordningen and Interactive Denmark.

Join SpilBar’s Facebook group here.
Join the mailinglist and receive mails about SpilBar events here.

SpilBar 26 is sponsored by Interactive Denmark.

Unity Nights Level 1: Your first Unity game



IGDA Denmark and Aalborg University Copenhagen are once again joining forces to bring back the Unity Nights!

The popular game engine born in Copenhagen has grown into a really mature choice for game developers worldwide, whether you are working on 3D or 2D games, for consoles, PC or mobile platforms.

Now we want to give you a series of free lectures where you can go from zero to hero with Unity.

These lectures will take you from the very first basics of working with Unity to start creating your own games and polishing them up. Later lectures (dates to be announced) will take on more advanced topics such as working with the Mecanim animation system, scripting, physics and programming custom shaders. These will certainly help you also when you join one of the many game jams happening in Denmark!

The first of these lectures will take place on Wednesday, September 23rd at 18:00 at Aalborg University Copenhagen (near the Sydhavn S-train station), in the Guest Canteen area.

Lars Reng will be taking you through a step-by-step workshop in which you will learn the very basics of Unity and get going with your first Unity game. Learn the interface, controls and basic elements, as well as understanding a proper workflow. From there, you will create a game from scratch with Lars.

Lectures usually end with a questions session where you can come with your problems with Unity and we will try to help you as much as possible. Afterwards, it’s common for several of the attendees to go for some mingling over beers at the bar nearby.

And that’s not all! Don’t forget that later on we will announce more lectures to continue with the program into more advanced topics, so follow IGDA Denmark on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated with future announcements, as well as being the first one to hear about the next Unity Nights events.

Facebook event here:


SpilBar 21 – Stone Librande and Guldbrikken Awards



First of all, it feels great to finally be able to use the new SpilBar logo that was unveiled at the previous SpilBar 20 (which was a great celebratory event full of great micro-talks and marked the last event for the Spring 2014 semester.

But after the Summer a new period begins, and what better way to do so than with a new SpilBar event come September 11th with nothing less than Stone Librande as the guest speaker!

If case his name doesn’t directly ring a bell, perhaps his works will: Stone Librande is Lead Designer at Riot Games (League of Legends) and has worked in the game industry for over 10 years on games such as Diablo 3Spore, and SimCity. In addition to his full-time job designing video games, he also teaches game design courses at Cogswell College and at Carnegie Mellon’s ETC program. He runs design seminars at the Game Developers Conference and at other locations around the world. An avid game collector, Stone’s walk-in closet holds more than 300 card and board games, including 30 that he has designed himself.

Over many years, Stone has been designing card and board games to entertain his children as they grew from age 3 to age 22. During his talk at SpilBar 21, titled 19 Games in 19 Years, he will show 19 of those games and describe how his design techniques have evolved over time, as he went from making simple color matching games to tactical battle simulations. Along the way he will talk about the lessons he has learned and how his children have shaped his personal design philosophy. He invites you to create your own games for your family and friends and shares many tips that will help get you started. 

But not only that, this event will once again host the Guldbrikken Awards, which was so successful last year, where the best board games of 2014 will receive awards. As usual there will be a whole bunch of board games to play, both well known ones and unpublished ones (with an open call for games coming soon!)

So mark down the following date and place:

Where: The Design Society, HC Andersens Boulevard 27, 1553 Copenhagen V
When: Thursday, September 11th from 16:30 to 21:00

Read more about SpilBar in its page on our Danish GameDev Events page.

Bonfires, jamming, baking and more happened at Exile Spring 2014


Exileposter_1002 Exile Game Jam Spring 2014 was yet another success last week at Vallekilde Højskole. With over 60 participants from parts of all over the world, the coziest game jam in the world provided fun times and a great jamming experience to all the participants.

The extended game jam took place from April 30th until May 4th 2014, days in which we were lucky to have such an amazing weather that allowed us to have meals outside, have bonfires at night over some beers and relax over the lawn on Sunday morning after brunch.

As usual, Exile is a more relaxed type of experience when compared to other events such as Nordic Game Jam or Global Game Jam. It always starts with games prepared to get to know each other and mini-challenges and workshops over the first day before the proper game jam begins.

The theme: Make something that has never been done before, and do something that YOU have never done before (so if you are a programmer, try making art, if you are a sound designer, give coding a go and so on). So with that in mind, all the participants, including the Game Academy students at Vallekilde Højskole, set out to make teams, many of them with new people they have never worked with before, and try their hands on something unique.

So what were the standouts of the game jam?

First of all, we have the audience vote award, which happened to be shared between two different games! First, we have Nicklas Nygren’s Super Air Flyers, and with the exact same amount of votes, Martin Fasterholdt’s Javelin.

In Super Air Flyers, you control a plane with no thrust whatsoever in a psychedelic 3D landscape with a series of rings you have to maneuver your plane through before you make it to the portal in the end.


And in Javelin, you fight a series of enemies through several levels where enemies will attack you with javelins. However, if you dodge them, you’ll be able to pick them up (even from a dead body) and prepare your counter-attack.


But we like to have more than just a winner at Exile. Which is why we had a jury that selected even more games for different categories.

Most emotional game: Old Man Wants to Exile, where you explore the sad, boring house of an old man who will very slowly try to sneak around his annoying children trying to keep him indoors so that he can make it to the Exile Game Jam.


Best to watch: Baking Simulator, a fun combination of the Oculus Rift and Kinect technologies where the player will have to bake a virtual cake with the help of an assistant providing the hands. Though the poor Matthias fell off the stage while presenting with the Oculus Rift on him. The dangers of virtual reality games!


Best meta-game: King of Colors, a funny tribute to the Danish artist Per Arnoldi, uses his three favorite colors, red, blue and yellow and his three favorite shapes, square, circle and cone, in a card guessing game to become the King of Colors.
KingOfColors2 KingOfColors

Better than I thought: Hidden in plain text, an ASCII two-player competitive game where one player will have to hide himself in a mess of ASCII characters spread all over the screen, with barely a hint of where the player is moving (based on the speed of his movement) and in the next turn the other player will have to locate his position and make it as close as possible.


Most commercial game: WeStory, a smartphone experience where several participants can build together a story out of pictures, text and audio as they create a new part of the story to pass along to the next player. As players pass the story to the next person, a full story starts taking place, though usually in a very chaotic and crazy way.

Least/Most Feministic game: Cunt Touch This, inspired by the cunt colouring book by Tee A. Corinne, the game is a meditative drawing activity accompanied by sounds the user creates while painting. But the player has to be careful when painting on the sensitive areas, since too much paint there will cause the image to pulsate in slow motion. The award was given to the game best suited to contribute to the discussion of feminism and games.


Most Newtonian Gravitation Game: Newtonian Gravitation, which as the name implies, has the player using gravity to his advantage to jump from planet to planet to make it to the goal. The planets are small in size, with the player being able to walk around the entire planet to gain speed and then jump to escape the pull of the planet’s gravity and as such make it to the next planet.

Newtonian gravitation

Tech award: Super Air Flyers, Nicklas Nygren’s game got yet another award for his polished technology behind the game.

Knowledge +1001 award: Boredom Simulator, this award goes to the best game made by Vallekilde students, and in this case it went to a game where you travel in a tourist bus alongside your annoying girlfriend, all of it experienced in marvellous 3D through the Oculus Rift to make the boredom immersion as close to reality as possible.


As you can see, the selection of winning games is varied quite varied, full of exciting stuff, curiosities and technical achievements.

And this time IGDA Denmark sponsored the final party after the game jam on Saturday night, which we’re sure everyone enjoyed! As usual, the final party includes a music jam at night, a visit to the nearby graveyard and, of course, the sauna.

Group photo Spring 2014


We’ve taken quite a few pictures during the event, but here’s a collection of some that will give you an idea of the overall mood of the event.

We look forward to having Exile again next semester for Fall 2014!

Nordic Game Jam 2014 preparations begin


As you all probably know the biggest event we organize here at IGDA Denmark is the Nordic Game Jam without a doubt.

Last year we held the event for the first time at Aalborg University Copenhagen and it was a fantastic success, marking our biggest game jam yet.

Now we’re ready to announce the dates for the upcoming NGJ14: February 14-16!

If you want to stay updated with all the news about upcoming talks, volunteers call, ticket sales and join the hype don’t forget to visit the official Nordic Game Jam website as well as the Facebook and Twitter pages!

Get creative and cozy at Exile Game Jam Fall 2013



It’s getting close to that time of the year once again. The Coziest Game Jam Ever ™ is back for another round of games, chilling, making more games, sauna, fireplaces, playing other people’s games, chilling with all the new friends you’ve made and even graveyard hunting.

It’s Exile Game Jam Fall 2013, taking place from October 30th to November 3rd 2013!

Once again the beautiful Vallekilde Højskole becomes the host for Exile, so you know what that means: great meals included, beds for everyone, a nice cozy fireplace, a sauna and more.

For those who don’t know yet, Exile Game Jam is a relaxed, social gathering where creative people get together for workshops, games and, of course creating new and fun game ideas. Unlike Nordic Game Jam, Exile is much more informal, allowing participants to work together in a chill atmosphere, with outdoor activities also planned in the schedule. The extended period of time during which Exile takes place allows to work on more than one game and make space for a final party at the end of the event. More info and photos about Exile Game Jam can be found here.

Prices are 850 kr. per person, with a special price of 600 kr. for students. But as usual this includes accommodation in the building in shared rooms of two people and access to showers. Also included are all meals (Vallekilde is famous for its excellent food), internet access and even a sauna, a cinema, exercise facilities, a fireplace, a music/audio room and painting and sculpting facilities among others.

Besides the games, the program includes activities such as talks, music jams, outdoor games and a final party on Saturday night (sometimes with Spanish sangría too!)

The last Exile Game Jam Spring 2013 was a total success, with participants leaving looking forward to this next Exile, lots of great games, and even mentions on popular gaming websites such as GamespotKotaku and Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the surprising Oculus Rift-based Disunion. Let’s make this next one even better!

You can check out the full program (which is susceptible to changes) and sign up for Exile Game Jam at


Magic, Lord of the Rings and Board Games at Spilbar 16



With Summer 2013 coming to a close it’s time to start thinking again about the upcoming events for the year, and to kick it all off, what’s better than another round of talks, mingling and games showcase at Spilbar 16?

The theme for the next edition of Spilbar is board games, and the event is going to bring together two of the biggest figures in the industry with Richard Garfield and Reiner Knizia as they give us their perspectives on the past, present and future of game design.

Richard Garfield designed his first game at the age of 13 but he is best known for making the first collectible card game ever, Magic: The Gathering in 1993. He has also designed Netrunner, RoboRally, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle and most recently King of Tokyo. Garfield first became passionate about games when he played Dungeons & Dragons. Currently he is working on the digital trading card game SolForge, which aced $430.000 on Kickstarter back in September 2012. He has a Ph.D. in combinatorial mathematics and his great-uncle invented the paper clip.

Reiner Knizia developed his first game at the age of 8 and has been a full-time game designer since 1997. Knizia have designed over 500 published games, which have won him the Deutcher Spiele Preis four times, one Spiel des Jahres award and numerous other national and international awards. Knizia’s best selling games are Lord of the Rings and Pickomino with over one million copies sold and Keltis with over 600.000 sold copies worldwide. Knizia also designed games such as Lost Cities, Ingenious, Qin and Tigris & Eufrat, which all are released on iOS devices as well. He has a Ph.D. in mathematics and several often European gaming conventions host ‘Kniziathons’ – tournaments solely dedicated to celebrating Knizia-designed games.

SpilBar 16 will conclude with the annual award ceremony for the Danish board game award Guldbrikken (‘The Golden Pawn’), where celebrates the best board games of 2013. Afterwards there will be time to mingle over some drinks or play some of the games in the showcase. Please note that you can apply to showcase your game here!

The event will take place once again at AFUK, the Akademiet for Utæmmet Kreativitet located in Enghavevej 80-82B, on Thursday, September 12th from 16:30 to 21:00. As usual, everyone is welcome to join, so we’re hoping to see you there!

You can also check the event on Facebook to stay updated with the latest changes!

About SpilBar:
SpilBar is a bimonthly event, where everyone in or close to the computer games industry can meet and mingle. The meetings always start with a talk and end with a drink.
SpilBar is initiated by Kristine Ploug from DADIU, and Thomas Vigild from The Danish Game Council (Dansk Spilråd). SpilBar is organized in collaboration with IGDA Denmark, Unge Spiludviklere, Spilordningen and Computerspilzonen.
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