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Meet the Devs: Reign Bros


Logo Reign Bros Game jams have always been a great way to make teams with new people, come up with new game ideas and, sometimes, transform that idea into a company.

Such is the case of the Copenhagen-based developers at Reign Bros, the creators of the multiplayer game Stikbold, which took its first steps during Nordic Game Jam 2013.

The team worked together to produce a weird experimental multiplayer game for 2-10 players, which ended up winning the “Most Fun” award at NGJ13. The original game was a fun, last-man-standing experience that mixed a traditional ball game with lots of crazy events, such as the arena breaking down into a platform floating on the sea with huge whales jumping out of the water and crushing unsuspecting players while trumpets fall out of the sky for the winning player to annoy the rest.


With such a success in their hands, the 5-person group formed by Jacob Herold, Anders Østergaard, Lars Bindslev, Martin Petersen and Simon Engelsted Vestergaard decided to apply for other awards and funding opportunities, beginning with CREATE, organized by OUYA and KillScreen Magazine. It won the “Best Game in Unity” award, putting them one step closer towards the realization of a game studio.

Thanks to funding programs such as Nordic Game Program and the Danish Film Institute they were able to officially start the company and work full time on Stikbold, as well as focus on some of the bigger players in games distribution like Sony and Microsoft, so their current focus is consoles and PC.

Since then, the game has been gaining a whole host of new features. Perhaps most notably since the game’s inception (besides making the multiplayer even more fun than the original NGJ prototype) is the addition of a story mode for both single player and 2 player co-op. This was born as a way to let players experience the crazy universe of Stikbold and meet the colorful characters that inhabit it.


The company believes in creating the games they find interesting to play and work on, something they are confident will give the best results rather than making the same type of game over and over and letting that become the company’s identity. There’s also a high degree of freedom in the team to work on different projects as a way to keep everyone inspired.

The biggest difficulty for them so far has been making people notice their game in order to establish the company properly, though they consider themselves fortunate for being picked for various showcases at Nordic Game Conference, IndieCade East, A Maze Berlin and more. Something that definitely helps the team gain the necessary attention to attract distribution deals.

Their advice to newcomers to the games industry and those looking to establish a games studio? “To start as small as possible and scale the project up according to budget. After all, scaling up is always easier than scaling down”, says Martin Petersen.

Reign Bros team

Logo Reign Bros Founded: 2013Location: Copenhagen


Notable games
Stikbold (Under development – PC and consoles)

Win a ticket to w00t Copenhagen Play Festival!


w00t Copenhagen Play Festival

Last year, a new event celebrating outdoors and board games was born in Copenhagen. Under the name of w00t Copenhagen Play Festival, this gathering brought together whole families, game developers and a lot of people who just wanted to have fun for a great unforgettable weekend!

With the huge success of last year, at IGDA Denmark we wanted to help this event grow bigger and better by becoming official sponsors of the event, which will take place from May 30th to June 1st.

But that’s not enough! We want more people to have the chance to discover w00t and enjoy it alongside everyone else, which is why we are giving away 10 tickets to w00t!

All you have to do is sign up through this form and we will announce the lucky winners on Thursday at noon through a random draw.

Still not convinced? Check out the w00t website for photos and info on the games that will be played!

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