The Danish Games Community

Here you can get an overview of the different institutions and recurring events happening in the Danish games community. This includes some of the events in the Malmö region. We strive to keep this list and the content of each page as updated as possible. You can click on any of the names to read more info about them.

Game Jams

Make a game in 48 hours


Who is who in the Danish landscape

Events & Talks

Learn and meet new people

Arabic Game Jam Bermuda Project Aalborg Game Dev Network
Exile Game Jam Copenhagen Game Collective Burning Bridges
Indie9000 DADIU Game Development Camp
IndieTAW IGDA Denmark Nordic Game Conference
Ludum Dare Interactive Denmark Nordic Game Indie Night
Molyjam IT University of Copenhagen SpilBar
No More Sweden PlayIT Unite Nordic
Nordic Game Jam w00t! Copenhagen Play Festival
Unge Spiludviklere

Please note that not all the associations and events mentioned here are affiliated with IGDA Denmark


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