Arabic Game Jam

Arabic Game Jam 2013

Arabic Game Jam is a 48h non-stop game development event that gathers young adults with a great interest in gaming and professional game developers. Working together in teams participants create innovative game concepts for the Arabic-speaking markets in Sweden as well as the Middle East.

The event takes place yearly in MalmöSweden, at K3 Malmö University. The first edition took place in January 2012 with over 50 participants ranging from game enthusiasts to professional game developers.

Arabic Game Jam takes its point of departure in a region with many strong actors in the computer games industry, among others the impressive games research driven by Malmö University. At the same time, there are unused competences amongst Swedish residents with roots or a network outside of Sweden, that could provide knowledge and resources to gaming industry as well as other stakeholders in the field of digital media that could be interested in establishing themselves in new or emerging markets.

The project aims to put together these competences and create possibility for new relationships, social innovation and new recruiting opportunities. The hope is that game developers position southern Sweden as a base to start developing more games targeted towards markets with a growing gaming culture, that currently has limited domestic production.

You can read up more on Arabic Game Jam and future editions of the event in their official website.

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