Bermuda Project



The Bermuda Project is Bermuda is a creative initiative with a simple goal; make it easier to collaborate on creative projects across cities in northern Denmark. The creative clusters in Viborg, Århus and Aalborg each have unique skills and areas of expertise. We aim to strengthen these clusters, by bringing them closer through workshops, road trips, talks and joint creative projects across the three cities.

The project’s website also facilitates the sharing of knowledge and collaboration between creative forces across the regional boundaries through the forum and the event calendar. Supporting this process are three representatives at the sites: Emil Kjæhr for Open Workshop in Viborg, Marie Elbæk from Talentfabrikken in Århus and Bo Nicolajsen from Platform 4 in Aalborg.

In the past, this collaboration has offered free transport to Nordic Game Jam participants in Jutland and facilitated a collaboration between animators and visual artists for a project with the symphonic orchestra in Aalborg. They are currently working on a info screen to be placed in a central location at the sites, showcasing the next interesting Bermuda event.

You can read more about the Bermuda Project on their homepage.

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