Exile Game Jam


Exile Game Jam is one of the coziest game jams available in Denmark and it takes place twice a year at Vallekilde Højskole near Holbæk, on the western side of Sjælland. The dates are usually around the beginning of November and May every year.

Unlike other game jams that last approximately one weekend, Exile provides a longer, more relaxed time-frame, lasting from Wednesday to Sunday. Not all the time is spent creating a single game however. The schedule is divided to allow for game talks, a 12-hour mini-jam and even a trip to the countryfield where participants take part in games.

The facilities of the Vallekilde Højskole provide game jam participants with wide, ample spaces to use, as well as housing (both double ad single rooms are available) and excellent food services provided by the school canteen, all included in the game jam registration fee. Other facilities available are a music room, an art room and a sauna, among others.

This game jam thrives in giving participants a relaxed and friendly atmosphere as a smaller-scale event compared to the Nordic Game Jam. As such it is not uncommon to see participants collaborating in more than one group a a time, or even sharing resources such as game hardware (Oculus Rift, Leap Motion controllers, etc.) and expert advice.

Exile Game Jam always finishes with a final party on Saturday at the same location, usually with sangría and beers sponsored by IGDA Denmark.

You can check more information about Exile Game Jam on the official website.


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