Game Development Camp

Game Development Camp

Game Development Camp is a summer camp where about 72 high-school students from all over Denmark get together to share their common interest for videogames in a creative and educational environment that lasts for an entire week.

Many of the participants already have some experience in developing computer games on their own, but Game Development Camp provides both teachers and students from Aalborg University to give an introduction to 2D graphics, 3D animation and verious forms of computer game programming.

Attendees are always guided to make sure that they get a framework and themes for group assignments. The program has always become a great experience for the participants, who also get groupwork experience and an overall fun week.

The camp is also an opportunity to make new friends with the same field of interest, a summer holiday filled with fun and exiting lectures. There is also a party by the end of the week as well as other fun, social arrangements during the week. The program is structured so that even if participants don’t know anyone before getting there, they will feel welcome and have a really great and educational week.

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