Indie9000 is Aalborg’s prime game jam that started back in 2006 as a collaboration between Dream Games and Huset. Later on Share Play stepped in to ensure its continued survival.

The Indie9000 game jam is now run by a small but dedicated group of volunteers who are passionate about game development and game jams. All the volunteers are previous Indie9000 participants and their goal is to preserve the cozy atmosphere of the event.

The core value ​​of Indie9000 is to keep it cozy and personal. With all the other bigger game jams happening around Denmark and the rest of the world, Indie9000 keeps it going with a small number of participants, at maximum of 60. This ensures a closer relationship between the participants and provides the opportunity to get know each other – and at the very least a chance for everyone to try out each other’s games.

You can read more information about Indie9000, as well as stay updated on when the next one will be taking place on the IndieJams website.


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