IT University of Copenhagen

IT University Copenhagen

The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU for short) offers what is currently the only Master’s level games education in Denmark. It branches out into the lines of Games Design, Game Tecnology and Games Analysis.

The Games line at ITU has been heralded as one of the top educations of its kind in Europe, with several of its teachers being important researchers in the industry.

Students take courses specific to their chosen line of studies from the very beginning, with the first course in Game Design being mandatory for everyone. A big emphasis is placed on game theory during the first semester for design and analysis students, with a focus on game engine creation for the technology branch.

Students are picked from many different backgrounds with the expectations of having people from diverse areas to give their own personal twist into the field, such as architects, film students of psychologists.

While students have several lectures every week, most of the workload is placed outside of lectures, with students working on their individual and group projects and getting regular feedback from the teachers.

All the core lectures and several of the optional courses are available exclusively in English, while some of the optional courses offered by ITU and other institutions are in Danish only.

You can find more information about the Master in Games at ITU’s official website.

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