Ludum Dare



The Ludum Dare competition  was founded by Geoff Howland and was first held in April 2002. Participants are required to create a videogame in two days, which fits within a given theme. A unique feature of this competition is that participants often release time lapse videos of their games being made.

All the games submitted must have been made in under 48 hours and, along with the game, participants must also submit the code. After the competition ends, participants are given three weeks to play and rate games created by their peers.

In Denmark, Emil Kjæhr organizes Ludum Dare game jams in either Aalborg or Viborg, alternating between them or depending on which one is more convenient at the time.

Besides the main Ludum Dare game jams there are also frequent Mini Ludum Dare events which provide smaller, less controlled jams.

You can read more about Ludum Dare as well as upcoming events in their official website. As for the local events in Denmark, you can stay updated about them on

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