No More Sweden


No More Sweden is a yearly game jam that takes place in Sweden (with the location changing occasionally between Malmo and Stockholm). The dates are usually around mid-July.

This game jam tends to host a reduced number of participants, with 80 being the count from the last No More Sweden 2013 in Malmo.

Participants sign up for free for the whole weekend, with people coming from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and even Italy, providing a very varied environment.

NMS offers a generally relaxed atmosphere and allows participants to break out from the theme, which is used more as a possible source of inspiration rather than a rule. Participants take random papers from a container with words and sentences written in them (which have been previously written by the partcipants themselves).

When the weather is good there is a barbecue break which is the perfect moment to break out from work and chat with other game developers, providing a great networking environment.

You can find more information about No More Sweden at the official website.

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