Nordic Game Jam

Nordic Game Jam

Nordic Game Jam is the biggest event organized by IGDA Denmark and is the biggest game jam in the world. It has been running since 2006, with the number of attendees increasing every year.

The event puts together game designers, programmers, sound designers, graphic artists and others simply interested in making games. It provides an exciting opportunity to jump in and make games, meet developers and new best friends from many countries, all while having a fantastic fun weekend in Copenhagen.

The objective of the game jam is to, under the constraints of a specific given theme, create a game in the span of 48 hours. The time limit forces everyone to eschew intricate designs to boost the creativity of new gameplay ideas.

Participants are a mix of industry veterans, indie developers and students, and Nordic Game Jam is one of the primary vehicles behind the new generation of game developers. This is the place to experiment with platforms and game ideas in an intense and informal atmosphere, where a new generation of talents can be found and friendships are made.

Nordic Game Jam encourages innovation and experimentation. It plays not only a big part in creating new products, but also in exposing the game industry to talents of other industries. Above all it is an event that has been designed and created for all interested parties to participate and enjoy.

Nordic Game Jam always welcomes everybody. That’s why talented individuals, professionals, hobbyists and a whole new generation of game developers meet on common ground to work together in a fun and intense atmosphere of creativity and experimentation.

You can find more information about the Nordic Game Jam, as well the latest news updates on its official website.


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