Change the world with a game jam



We love game jams. And we love when friends organize game jams. But we like it even more when game jams have a cause they fight for.

Enter the Game Changer Game Jam.

This event, which will take place in Aarhus in May 2-4 2014, follows the principle that games dealing with political, social and environmental challenges can be an platform for massive change.

The organizers quote Jane McGonigal on the main page of their event:

Today 1 billion people spend more than 7 billion hours weekly, joyfully, solving epic quests. What if we could, through games, utilize this enormous resource into solving real world challenges? - Jane McGonigal

Our friends organizing in Aarhus believe that Game Designers, Gamers and Games together hold an important role in society. As such, games dealing with political, social and environmental challenges can be a platform for massive change, inspiring Gamers to connect and engage with important issues more effectively.

Want to learn more about it? Then there’s three key places where you can do so!

First of all, you should check their cool website:
Second, you can get your ticket at their Billetto page:
And finally, you can join the event on Facebook:

Interested? Let us know in the comments!

SpilBar 19: Stand by your fans



Once again DADIU invites everyone to join the next SpilBar event, this time about the paradox of fans: how do you deal with your fanbase when they tend to be such a tricky group to handle?

This time the event will take place at a new venue, the Design Society, located in HC Andersens Boulevard 27 in Copenhagen, and will go from 16:30 to 20:00 on Thursday, March 27th 2014.

While as always everybody is welcome to join, with free admission, this time sign-up beforehand is needed. Sign up for the event here!

So what can you expect at SpilBar this time? Check out the programme!

16:30-17:00: Arrival and coffee
17:00-17:10: Welcome by Nille Juul-Sørensen, CEO at The Danish Design Center
17:10-17:40: Frederikke Hoff: I Was Told There’d be LEGO Bricks …
17:40-18:00: Break 18:00-18:20: Roman Graebsch: Bound by words and expectations
18:20.18:40: Debate hosted by Thomas Vigild
18:40: Beer and mingling! The beers are sponsored by Danish Design Center and Interactive Denmark. Burger Jack will sell burgers – bring cash!

Where: Design Society, HC Andersens Boulevard 27, 1553 København When: Thursday, March 27th from 16:30 to 20:00

More information about the talks and the speakers:

Frederikke Hoff: I Was Told There’d be LEGO Bricks …
LEGO fans make up one of the most enthusiastic online fan communities in existence. We don’t mean kids within the product target group; we mean the teen and adult fans. That’s right: Adult fans! By nature, these fans build what appeals to grown-ups, and that doesn’t always fit well with the company line. So how does The LEGO Group nurture these online fans while not pissing them off? Frederikke Hoff from the LEGO Group talks about online fans and co-creation.

Roman Graebsch: Bound by words and expectations
In this talk, Roman will highlight why you cannot simply run off and develop a game which is part of a revered 20 year old franchise still developed by fans throughout the world today. He will present the challenges of convincing die-hard fans that ’we are doing it right this time, now give us your money!’. Furthermore, what does it mean to follow up on a successfully funded Kickstarter project, and how to best interact with your community? Promises were made – how can you keep them, how does it influence your game design decisions? What opportunities lie there in being an independent studio creating a crowd funded niche game with a premium payment model – and how it all ties into making the game you want to make – for yourself and the customer alike.


About Frederikke Hoff  Frederikke is a Community Editor at The LEGO Group. She spends most of her time working with adult LEGO fans. She has previously worked for companies such as Guinness World Records, Danmarks Radio and IO Interactive. She also watches way too many Sci-fi TV-shows.


About Roman Graebsch

Roman Graebsch is Producer at Full Control ApS in Copenhagen. After finishing his M.Sc. in Game Design at the ITU, various student productions and a short excourse as co-founder of a company on a work-for-hire project in connection with the Experimentarium, he got his foot in the door of the danish game industry. After working as Project Manager on the Olsen Banden game for iOS, he found his dream job working on Jagged Alliance: Flashback and is now responsible for re-creating a favourite game of his childhood.

About SpilBar SpilBar is a bimonthly event, where everyone in or close to the computer games industry can meet and mingle. The meetings always start with a talk and end with a drink. SpilBar is initiated by Kristine Ploug from DADIU, and Thomas Vigild from The Danish Game Council (Dansk Spilråd). SpilBar is organized in collaboration with IGDA Denmark, Unge Spiludviklere, Spilordningen, and Interactive Denmark.

Join SpilBar’s Facebook group here.

SpilBar 19 is organized in collaboration with the Danish Design Center.

Everybody is welcome, admission is free, but sign-up is needed. Sign up here.

General Assembly for Foreningen af Danske Spiludviklere


It is my pleasure, after a successfull Nordic Game Jam, to call for our annual general assembly.

It will be held Tuesday the 8th of April from 18:00 at Pilestræde 43, 3. floor, 1112 København K

Our bylaws state the following agenda:

  1. Choice of moderator.
  2. Choice minutes taker
  3. Report of the Chairman
  4. Treasurer’s report and its approval
  5. Set membership fee
  6. Election of auditor and deputy auditor
  7. Election of Board
  8. Proposals
  9. Possibly


Proposals need to be sent in written and actionable form to the board (, no later that 2 weeks before the assembly.


Kind regards


Jesper Taxbøl


Nordic Game Jam 2014 preparations begin


As you all probably know the biggest event we organize here at IGDA Denmark is the Nordic Game Jam without a doubt.

Last year we held the event for the first time at Aalborg University Copenhagen and it was a fantastic success, marking our biggest game jam yet.

Now we’re ready to announce the dates for the upcoming NGJ14: February 14-16!

If you want to stay updated with all the news about upcoming talks, volunteers call, ticket sales and join the hype don’t forget to visit the official Nordic Game Jam website as well as the Facebook and Twitter pages!

In need of more game jams before Exile? Try Mini Jam #5!


Our friends at Unge Spiludviklere (Young Game Developers) have been busy lately preparing for this semester and now they’re bringing to you the chance to participate in one of their Mini Jams with Mini Jam #5 this coming weekend of October 4-6.

Unlike previous events, this time you no longer need to be a member of Unge Spiludviklere to participate, making it much easier for you to simply sign up and attend. The event will take place at Aalborg University Copenhagen, the same building where the Unity Nights lectures are taking place and where we held Nordic Game Jam last January.

While there will be no food provided (except perhaps some cake?) you will have easy access to the nearby shops and pizzerias.

If you haven’t attended any of the previous Mini Jams, here’s the brief: no rules, no restrictions. You can either start working on a new game or continue developing your previous projects. The idea here is to get together with other aspiring game developers and make something great during the weekend.

Registration is simple. You can sign up here and you can also check the Facebook event here.

After that just show up on Friday at 17:00 at:
Aalborg University
C. A. Meyer Vænge 15
2450 Copenhagen

For any questions, write in the Facebook event or send an email to

It’s time to learn Unity from beginner to pro



Here at IGDA Denmark we are big fans of Unity, the popular game engine that was born in Copenhagen and quickly caught on with indie game developers, especially in the mobile market. Since it first came out in 2005 the engine has been getting all sort of improvements in usability, performance, features and soon a great new 2D workflow system that makes modern game development extremely accessible to everyone. It’s no wonder it’s become such a widely used engine!

So after some careful planning we want to announce the Unity Nights, a series of free lectures where you can go from zero to hero with Unity.

These lectures will take you from the very first basics of working with Unity to start creating your own games and polishing them up. Later lectures will take on more advanced topics such as working with the Mecanim animation system, scripting, physics and programming custom shaders. These will certainly help you also when you join one of the many game jams happening in Denmark!

But for the moment being, let’s focus on the first three lectures:

  • Thursday, September 26th – Unity for absolute dummies
  • Wednesday, October 2nd – Building your first game in Unity
  • Thursday, October 10th – Building a BETTER game with Unity

The first lecture will get you accustomed with Unity, it’s interface, controls and basic elements, as well as learning a proper workflow. No coding skills required! (Though they will, of course, help). The following two lectures are step-by-step examples where you will be making a fully working game in a tutorial style. If you prefer to, you can save the event on Facebook as well!

All the lectures will begin at 19:00 in order to keep a consistent schedule. Also these lectures will end with a questions session where you can come with your problems with Unity and we will try to help you as much as possible. The location is at Aalborg University Copenhagen, located in Sydhavn (not far from the Sydhavn S-train station, a couple of stops away from the central train station). We will be placing signs at the entrance so you can find the room where these lectures will be taking place.

And that’s not all! Don’t forget that later on we will announce more lectures to continue with the program into more advanced topics, so keep updated with our announcements here or on our Twitter and Facebook pages to be the first one to hear about upcoming Unity Nights!

Watch Richard Garfield’s talk at ITU


Richard Garfield

Did you miss Richard Garfield‘s talk at the IT University of Copenhagen last Friday, September 13th?

Then no worries, we’ve got you covered. We managed to record the entire presentation, plus the questions from the audience afterwards into one single video. We had a few technical issues at the beginning of the talk, but afterwards everything went quite smooth.

The talk itself was quite the success! We had over 350 people attending the event plus all those watching the talk online through our livestream. The event even received media coverage on Danish media outlets such as DR’s Troldspejlet and Berlingske.

After his talk about luck in games, Garfield spent over 20 minutes signing autographs on cards and game boxes, making sure that all the attendees were pleased.

And if you weren’t there, we hope you will also enjoy the talk through our livestream recording:

Luck vs. Skill in Games talk by Magic: The Gathering creator


Richard Garfield

EDIT: Due to the high amount of participants who have shown interest on Facebook, we have decided to move the talk to the biggest auditorium at ITU: Auditorium 1.

Richard Garfield, Ph.D. in Combinatorial Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania, best known for being the designer of the wildly popular collectible card game Magic: The Gathering, will be giving a talk at the IT University of Copenhagen on Luck in Games.

Now, if you’ve been following our news here, you already know that Garfield is one of the speakers lined up for this month’s board-games focused SpilBar 16 event alongside Reiner Knizia.

But this is not going to be the only chance you got to see him talk!

Whereas his talk during SpilBar will focus on gameplay balancing, the one IGDA Denmark will be hosting at the IT University of Copenhagen will focus on Luck in Games and will, ironically, be taking place in September, Friday 13th.

The talk is open for everyone (as long as there is space available), so even if you plan on attending the SpilBar event (which you totally should!) you are more than welcome to join this really interesting talk.

And, with the talk being on a Friday afternoon, you will be able to stop by ITU’s Scrollbar after the talk for a drink or two.

Date and time: September, Friday 13th at 14:00
Location: IT University of Copenhagen (Rued Langgaards Vej, 7) – Auditorium 1
Facebook event:

We’re looking forward to seeing you around!

Come with IGDA Denmark to the European Women in Games Conference 2013


EuropeanWomenInGames2EDIT: Congratulations to Astrid M.Z. Madsen and Kristyna Paskova for winning the two tickets to the conference!

On September 25th 2013 London will become the host of the European Women in Games Conference 2013, at the Millenium Gloucester Hotelk Kensington. And with IGDA being an official sponsor, we want to extend to you the opportunity to attend the event.

This year’s theme for the conference is “Creating Your Future” and it is an inclusive event focused on progressing your career whether you are a man or a woman working in games, technology or media. You can see the full programme here.

Attending the conference will give you top insight and inspiration from leading industry figures by Media Molecule studio director Siobhan Reddy and Caroline Norbury, CEO of Creative England and MBE awardee (Member of the Order of the British Empire). You will also have the chance to meet other leading and dynamic women within the industry. The conference will feature up to 40 industry speakers as well as roundtables. New for this year will be a Student Showcase and HR manager’s forum. The event will also host the European Women in Games Hall of Fame awards, sponsored by Electronic Arts.

Early bird tickets are available now at £120 (1036 kr. approximately) until September 11th. The full day conference includes drinks on arrival and during breaks in the morning and afternoon, and 3 choice menu lunch with salads, main courses and a selection of desserts.

The conference is also taking place the day right before the Eurogamer Expo, making it a great opportunity to extend your visit to London.

As a sponsor of the event, IGDA is also giving you the chance to win a ticket to attend the event. We will be giving away two of these, so if you’re interested, make sure you apply for it through this form (the draw is now closed). We will announce the two winners of the tickets on September 10th, so don’t miss this opportunity! The winners will be chosen randomly from the list of all those who applied.

Get creative and cozy at Exile Game Jam Fall 2013



It’s getting close to that time of the year once again. The Coziest Game Jam Ever ™ is back for another round of games, chilling, making more games, sauna, fireplaces, playing other people’s games, chilling with all the new friends you’ve made and even graveyard hunting.

It’s Exile Game Jam Fall 2013, taking place from October 30th to November 3rd 2013!

Once again the beautiful Vallekilde Højskole becomes the host for Exile, so you know what that means: great meals included, beds for everyone, a nice cozy fireplace, a sauna and more.

For those who don’t know yet, Exile Game Jam is a relaxed, social gathering where creative people get together for workshops, games and, of course creating new and fun game ideas. Unlike Nordic Game Jam, Exile is much more informal, allowing participants to work together in a chill atmosphere, with outdoor activities also planned in the schedule. The extended period of time during which Exile takes place allows to work on more than one game and make space for a final party at the end of the event. More info and photos about Exile Game Jam can be found here.

Prices are 850 kr. per person, with a special price of 600 kr. for students. But as usual this includes accommodation in the building in shared rooms of two people and access to showers. Also included are all meals (Vallekilde is famous for its excellent food), internet access and even a sauna, a cinema, exercise facilities, a fireplace, a music/audio room and painting and sculpting facilities among others.

Besides the games, the program includes activities such as talks, music jams, outdoor games and a final party on Saturday night (sometimes with Spanish sangría too!)

The last Exile Game Jam Spring 2013 was a total success, with participants leaving looking forward to this next Exile, lots of great games, and even mentions on popular gaming websites such as GamespotKotaku and Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the surprising Oculus Rift-based Disunion. Let’s make this next one even better!

You can check out the full program (which is susceptible to changes) and sign up for Exile Game Jam at


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